sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

An old man's goodbye letter

Life's a quest boy, there is nothing like the thrill of grasping with your own hands the tail of a lead on that what you've been searching for all your life.

I knew you didnt find it, dont worry, there is no such thing as panacea, there is no cure for death kiddo, all you can do is Write a book, plant a tree and have a son.

He he well I've written a couple of books, I've planted a few Lillies in the backyard so I'm guessing that counts. And you my friend, you have given me the right to say that I have raised a marvelous son.

I'm dying, and I just couldnt stand you watching me go away looking like this, yes I'm a coward, but you have to admit that being forced to be appart from this old and stubborn man for a while ain't that bad.

I love you, and always remember that life is a quest, search for something that almost impossible to catch, so that you might devote your entire life to it.

I know you will find out what's that thing thats worth searching for, it took me all my life to figure it out, to understand that books don't hold all the anwers, I'm sure you will see it, farewell kid, take care...


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